About Us

youngfamilyFounded in August 2011, we deliver direct service programs designed to globally conserve and preserve sight through vision screenings, treatment information, referral services, and professional education. All of our programs are provided at no cost to the client.

All PBI programs and services will be delivered through and/or within our extensive network of partner physicians, governments, organizations, community groups, and volunteers.

Our purposes are as follows:

  1. To support and promote global development of facilities that provide and/or facilitate cornea transplant and the treatment of other eye diseases.
  2. To foster and promote global development of country and/or regional organizations that provide education, programs and services to prevent blindness.
  3. To foster and promote global education and research into the prevention, causes and cures of blindness.
  4. To foster, and promote the development of global education, rehabilitation, and empowerment programs and services for the visually impaired.
  5. To foster, and promote global sight conservation, and preservation.
  6. To engage in fund-raising and to receive gifts of funds or property to support the above purposes.