Our Goals

Goal One: Implement the Site-based Programming

groupThe goal for the proposed educational programs is to bring socioeconomically disadvantaged immigrants from South Sudan to the center and promote education and training as a means to survive versus the life of violence, hardship, and state run welfare programs. To accomplish this goal, the agency will focus on the following strategies:

1. Exercise a “Transforming Lives” motto to break the cycle of poverty amongst South Sudanese refugees.
2. Expand the enrollment in adult education programming to include at least 50 individuals.
3. Increase the number of our clients who are accepted into local and national colleges and universities, and/or retain meaningful employment opportunities.
4. Ensuring each client has access to basic necessities, including food, clothing, school supplies, and transportation.
5. Develop referral relationships with other community-based organizations who can provide complementary services which our agency does not offer.

Goal Two: Increase Quality Outcomes

Always seeking to improve outcomes for clients, the agency is focusing in 2014 on the following four strategies:

1. Being intentional in serving clients who need education programs the most.
2. Increasing each individual’s involvement in tertiary programming.
3. Improving the response rate and outcomes of our evaluation efforts.
4. Increasing the length of program participation.