Our Team

Photo-Emmanuel-Ekumah-PBI-BOD-smallerEmmanuel E. Ekumah

President / CEO

Mr. Emmanuel Ekumah graduated from Boston University with a BA in Political Science and a BS in Special Education. He later earned a Masters degree in Education Leadership and a Postgraduate Certificate in Instructional Technology from George Mason University.

Emmanuel Ekumah is a renowned Special Education Program Specialist and has taught in many schools across the US from Medford, Massachusetts through Virginia to Dallas, Texas. He has also served as a Technology Integration Trainer within the Alexandria City Public Schools in Virginia.

He is also a well-known community leader and speaker who has pioneered the founding of community groups namely the CAMSA-USA and MECA-USA. He served as National Organizing Secretary CAMSA-USA; National Public Relations Officer MECA-USA; President, CAMSA-New England, Boston, Massachusetts. He was also the Connecticut State Student Coordinator, National Federation of the Blind. He is the current President/CEO of Prevent Blindness International, a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide vision services in the developing countries.
Mr. Ekumah’s long experience is applicable to organizational/leadership growth and development where patience, compassion, and empowerment are in dire need.

Photo-Gwendoline-Shang-PBI-BODGwendoline Shang, MD

Vice President

Dr. Shang is a seasoned medical professional and Philanthropist. Since 2003, she has concentrated most of her career shuffling between patient care, research and medical affairs in the pharmaceutical industry. She received her doctorate degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Pavia, Italy.

Gwendoline currently works for XenoPort, Inc. in Santa Clara, California as the Medical Director and Director of Medical Affairs. Prior to joining XenoPort, she was the Medical Product Lead and Associate Director of Medical Affairs at Galderma Laboratories. Before her tenure at Galderma Laboratories, she was a Clinical Scientists at Janssen Services (a Johnson & Johnson Company). She also served as a Medical Science Liaison for Abbott Laboratories and Eli Lilly and company. Prior to joining the pharmaceutical Industry, Dr. Shang was a Clinical Research Specialist at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, Texas.

Besides her professional work, she is also engaged in several philanthropic activities, mostly focused on raising funds to pay for medical care for children with severe and sometimes rare diseases. She supports several community-based healthcare and development enhancement projects in the African nation of Cameroon.

In addition to her role as a Board Member and Vice President of Prevent Blindness International, Inc. (PBI), Dr. Shang is also a sitting member of the board of directors for the Cameroon Professional Society (CPS).

Photo-Simon-Etta-PBI-BODSimon Etta


Simon Etta has a solid background leading organizations, managing resources and developing programs and processes that help build strategic alliances. For more than 20 years, he has been engaged in community service and non-profits in the national and international arena. He is a problem solver, and energetic advocate for empowering the less fortunate in society.

Simon currently serves as Director of Communications services for the City of Baltimore Government. As a key technical executive, he directs City-wide Telecommunications strategy projects and oversees execution of related technology deliverables. He has experience in operational and performance management, strategic planning and strong business acumen in analytical and problem resolutions. Mr. Etta holds advanced degrees in Telecommunications and Information technology from the University of Maryland and Texas Southern University. He is also a member of the institute of electronic and electrical engineers (IEEE) and American solar energy society (ASES). He is accredited with many awards and certifications.

Photo-Solomon Egbe-PBI BODSolomon A. Egbe, Esq.

Legal Adviser

Mr. Solomon Egbe is an experienced and accomplished Lawyer. He graduated from the State University of New York Maritime College with a BS in Marine Transportation. He later earned a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from the New York Law School.

For nearly two decades, Mr. Egbe has served in various capacities in a broad spectrum of General & Maritime Laws within the United States. Most notably, he has been very instrumental in developing and implementing innovative strategies and programs that have had a significant impact on the improvement and management of occupational risks and hazards within the Maritime industry. He is currently the Director of Health, Safety & Environmental Services at Ports America Chesapeake in Baltimore, Maryland.

Mr. Egbe currently serves on numerous organizational, corporate and non-profit Boards, and has pioneered/led several community organizations.

henry-njie-pbi-team-photoHenry Njie, PharmD

Member, Board Of Directors

“Dr. Henry Ekwa Njie is a very dedicated and community-engaged Pharmaceutical professional and Philanthropist. He attended two very prestigious and renowned secondary institutions in his native Cameroon in West Africa: Sacred Heart College, Bamenda and Saint Joseph’s College, Sasse-Buea. He later on moved to the United States where he graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Texas Sounthern University in Houston, Texas.

As a Registered Pharmacist in the state of Texas, he is the owner of Pharmacia Henrique, an independent retail pharmacy in Arlington, Texas.

Besides his professional work, Dr. Njie is also engaged in several educational, healthcare, social and development-focused philanthropic efforts. He has held many positions in community organizations such as Vice President and later National President of Fako America, and National Treasurer of SOBA-USA.

In addition to serving on the Board of Prevent Blindness International, Inc. (PBI), Dr. Njie is also an Adviser to the Executive Council of SOBA-USA. He is married to Emilia Ewokolo Njie and together they three children and reside in Grand Priarie, Texas.

Photo-Veronique-NjotuVeronique Njotu, RN

Member, Board of Directors

As a Registered Nurse in the state of Texas, Veronique Njotu’s career has evolved from patient-care to corporate healthcare. Despite her hectic responsibilities as a Healthcare professional, entrepreneur and owner of VANA Home Health, Inc., Grand Prairie, Texas,  Veronique still finds time to commit herself  on several community-based religious, social and developmental efforts.

In addition to serving on the board of Prevent Blindness International, she is also the President/CEO of MomOrphanPro, a Texas-based nonprofit organization providing healthcare, education and other critical social and economic services to orphans and widows in Cameroon, West Africa.

Oliver Ndimbie, MD

Board Member

Evelyn Epie, RN

Board Member