Our Programs

ESL/Citizenship Prep Classes

drumVoice of Hope’s ESL/Citizenship Preparation Program strives to enable community members to improve their English skills by offering effective learning environments that are designed to assist students in achieving their academic, employment, and personal goals. This program thus allows these individuals to become participating and contributing members of a multicultural society. The program serves those at all levels of competency, offering Basic, Advanced, and Multi-level classes with standardized curricula. We also offer interpretation services for those clients who are in the process of developing language skills while attempting to secure employment or navigate immigration processes.

Having previously operated with the assistance of dedicated volunteers, the reach of our program has remained limited. It has become an integral component of our strategic plan to expand our educational programming to employ two paid instructors. Through this initiative, we intend to assist youth and adults in further developing their English language skills, thus increasing their opportunities to pursue higher education and/or meaningful employment despite their individual social and economic challenges.

Social Assistance

P7250029Voice of Hope will continue to provide food, clothing, schools supplies, medical supplies, transportation assistance, and other basic necessities to financially disadvantaged Southern Sudanese refugees living in the United States. If an individual approaches the organization for assistance, they will meet with a board member of the organization to discuss their needs. The representative will then review supporting documentation to ensure that the individual/family is living at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level for a household of their size. Board members may also refer participants to mental health services offered in the community if requested. With your assistance, we will have the resources to ensure that all that approach our organization for help are able to receive the necessary assistance.

Voice of Hope has been a great resource and a provider in the Linguistic industry as (Interpretation and Translation Services) for the last 5 years. With professional and experience Linguistic. We translate and interpret 10 languages and dialects; we help Medical clinics, government agencies, non-profits, business and individuals to break the barrier of communication in English and other languages especially among out new comers to Iowa and Refugees in Metro area of Des Moines, IA

Translation services (written)

Are you looking for someone to help you convert a written or printed document in another language into English, or from English into another language? Iowa International Center translators frequently translate documents such as:

  • Birth & marriage certificates
  • Brochures, fliers and other marketing material
  • Web content
  • Legal documents
  • School diplomas/transcripts
  • Application forms for various services
  • Business correspondence
  • Training manuals

Interpretation Services (oral)

Interpretation is converting information orally from one language to another. If you need help communicating with a limited English speaker either in person or by phone, the Iowa International Center can help. Our interpreters regularly interpret at the following types of appointments:

  • Medical appointments
  • Depositions and other legal meetings
  • Court hearings
  • Parent-teacher meetings
  • Social service appointments
  • Immigration interviews
  • Business meetings

This list is not exhaustive. Please contact us for any translation need; we would be happy to review your document(s) and provide you with a cost and timing estimate. For translations of official documents such as birth and marriage certificates for immigration purposes, we do provide certified translations, including notarization.

  • Sudanese (Arabic)
  • Juba (Arabic)
  • JUR
  • BARI